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Interactive Map: The Original (A Company) Tour

A Tour.jpg
The A Company Tour from 1921-1924 with a timeline of its appearances.

The original A company's tour can be divided into four parts:

1.  The pre-Broadway tryouts 

2.  The major runs:  On Broadway, in Boston, and in Chicago

3.  Briefer appearances through summer 1923

4.  Final appearances in fall 1923-early 1924 without Miller and Lyles

On the tour map, you can click on a blue dot to view an image of the theater and representative reviews of each appearance.  For the Broadway and Boston/Chicago runs, there are separate, more detailed pages that give more information on the critical and audience reaction to the show.  The inset timeline can be navigated by moving left to right, and you can also click on the theaters there to locate them on the map and see information about each site.

Interactive Map: The Original (A Company) Tour