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Shuffle Along

Interactive Map: The Original (A Company) Tour

A Company Tour Map Image
The A Company Tour from 1921-1924 with a timeline of its appearances. 

The original A company's tour can be divided into four parts:

1.  The pre-Broadway tryouts 

2.  The major runs:  On Broadway, in Boston, and in Chicago

3.  Briefer appearances through summer 1923

4.  Final appearances in fall 1923-early 1924 without Miller and Lyles

On the tour map, the initial dates with the original cast (1-3) are represented by blue dots; the final appearances (4) are represented by red dots.  You can click on a dot to view an image of the theater and representative reviews of each appearance.  For the Broadway and Boston/Chicago runs, there are separate, more detailed pages that give more information on the critical and audience reaction to the show.

Interactive Map: The Original (A Company) Tour